Monday, 2 July 2018

P1 is done.

A couple of photos from one of the last days of P1. Amelia, Evelyn and Amy playing after school and got a photo with Mrs Gillespie. Amy is sad to leave P1, she says she'll miss her teacher and Lola the P1 mascot leopard. She is sad it's the summer holidays and she won't see her friends as much. Hopefully being with me for 8 weeks solid won't be too horrible for my poor daughter.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Summer fair at Mallusk Intergrated


I made pancakes for breakfast and Lee had to get Amy up as she was *still* sleeping at 8:30. She was worried that Tom would have them all eaten before she could get her share!

When Lee came back from his Sunday morning run, we loaded the car and took the kids to Crawfordsburn country park and Helens Bay. It wasnt as warm as it had been at home but the sun was shining and the beach was packed. Amy wanted to put her swimming costume on and jump in the water. Tom was happy playing on the sand with his bucket, spade and hot wheels cars. We ate ice creams and shivered in the sunshine.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Thomas visits nursery

Toms nursery had an open morning on Tuesday. Amy was off school and I took them both along for Tom to meet Mrs Elliot and see his new nursery. He loved it! They played outside for ages and I couldn't convince him to come inside to see all the toys. Eventually I persuaded him in and he loved all the different tables with toys and activities! He met some of the friends he'll be playing with and his teachers and Amy was very happy getting to be the 'big girl' showing him around everywhere. We ended up being there all morning and they were happy with their stickers and bubbles they got on the way out!
I'm trying to make the most of our mornings together while it's still just me and Tom. 
He's such a sweet little boy and so funny. I will miss our park mornings, toddler mornings and rhythm and rhyme sessions at the library!

Picnic in the garden

We've been making the most of these sunny and warm days! Amy thought a picnic in the garden would be a good idea. She wanted to invite the bunnies and big bear and Olaf too.
So we quickly put together some nice picnic food. Honeydew melon, popcorn, spicy crisps, apples and grapes. The children loved chatting with big bear. Olaf didn't like the spicy crisps, they kept melting his tongue!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Thursday morning at Playzone Eco Tots. Thomas did some digging to get the soil ready to plant some vegetables. 

 Wednesday afternoon at KFC with James and Nana

 Waving goodbye to nana after a fun day at the park!