Sunday, 11 November 2018

Davagh forest

Lee had a 10k race and of course we came along for the fun. The children loved playing in the forest and the play park. Thomas had to collect some autumn leaves, twigs and pinecones for the nursery autumn display and they both enjoyed collecting everything they could find to put in my bag. 

Thursday, 8 November 2018


We went on holiday without the children 😲
We dropped them off with nana and granda and drove the Dublin airport early in the morning. 
We had 3 full days of walking the city, eating custard tarts, peri peri chicken, vino verde, much much more walking and some fado.
We missed the kids, but it was nice to get away and have a wee break. And they were having way more fun at nana and grandas house!

Saturday, 3 November 2018

A wee party for Amys 6th birthday

We had a few of Amy's friends from school over on Friday. She wanted Emily and Jessica, and Evelyn and Amelie and James. And that was fine by me as 7 children in our house is more than enough children for our house! 

Amys 6th birthday

We stayed the night before Amy's birthday at nana and grandas house. The children had been staying for a few days before that while Lee and I took our first mini holiday without them to Lisbon! Amy looks totally exhausted in her birthday morning photos because she had had no bedtime, unlimited screen time and a diet of whatever she fancied! Poor kid has been partying too hard.

She looks a wee bit more awake and happy when she unwrapped her last present...she had begged for a Nintendo Switch, but we told her she couldn't have it because it is too expensive! Nana and Granda suggested we go halves on it for her. Up until she opened it up, she was convinced she wasn't getting it. It was nice to see her happy.
She also got some lovely crafting things from Yvonne, a paint your own pencil case, a weaving loom and some spirograph art. Granny and Grandpa sent cute giraffe pjs and a Roald Dahl book we're looking forward to reading.
Later in the day we had a small party for the three children.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Sunday morning pancakes and Autumn crafting

Sunday morning pancakes have become a bit of a tradition. Lee does his long Sunday morning runs with the club and we have a lazy morning in our pjs. The kids like to make the pancakes themselves now and I just cook them. I'm not quite ready to trust Amy with the hot stove just yet!

After pancakes I set up some craft stuff for them. Tom wanted to do the hedgehog with the leaves, but Amy said it looked silly to her, so she just drew on the hedgehog spikes and coloured them in.

Autumn/Halloween shelf all done :) Leaf rubbings, leaf hedgehogs, toilet roll monsters and pumpkins and autumnal trees :)
I've been craving a roast for ages. Lee made us this delicious roast chicken, roast pitatoes, paranips, carrots and sweet potatoes and my favourite brussel sprouts :)