Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Just killing some time...

I had a very interesting offer yesterday. I'm not sure what will come of it, but it will surely help a lot...I don't want to jinx it just yet...or overthink it as I've certainly made that mistake in the past. Hmmm....

I've been killing some time looking at this site: ,it's given me a few smiles so far. It's silly.

Work has been unbelievably quiet and dull this week, more so than usual. I console myself with that I just have 2 more months until I can officially hand in my resignation if all goes according to this "new plan"...and not long after that I'll be skipping down a far-off and pretty hill with flowers in my hair (been the absolute picture of grace of course)...whilst sheep graze in the background...and angels sing and pretty children play their get the picture.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

In good spirits again.

Today I've been happy. Not the sort of fling yourself around, jump for joy, sing enthusiastically kind of happy, but instead, the sort of deep down contentment that kind of radiates from the inside out variety of happy. I think it's that type that counts, because the former sort inevitably is a result of possible bipolar disorder...and we don't want to be going there.

The reason for this lovely satisfaction? I mean, do I need a reason? Well, yes...probably. It's not important right now, and it is actually totally inappropriate and wholly unfounded. I have a problem which I will one day deal with, but for now, I am going to revel a little in it. Maybe just for a week or so. Enough.
Nolas birthday celebrations went well. We partied at Manhattans, once you get over the crap music it's pretty fun. The shooters are cheap! I was kept in good supply of suitcases by Nols ex boss and his partner who adopted me as I was the only person willing to drink with them. Oh to be loved...even if for all the wrong reasons...

Urgh, all this joy is making me a little queezy, that or I should go easy on the brie on toast. Seriously though, who would have thought it could be so good?

Here are some photos from last night out. Again, they are of the cheesy posed variety, we (I) lack spontaneity and have yet to learn how to take random action shots successfully (that and Im in a lot of them)

I'm still not entirely sure what the wigs were all about. They were awesome though, the wigs and the blokes.

Me, Kaz, Niki and Noleeeeen.

It was a successful weekend in all I'd say. I went to church again this evening, what is even more surprising is that I've been enjoying going. Ok so I do feel a little wicked, and not so good and pure as what I imagine all the others to be, and my mind does wonder to possible unGodly thoughts, but I'm sure I'll get over those feelings of inadequacy soon enough. We all have our shortfalls after all, and thats why I'm there right? Shja. And it could be worse...a lot worse.

Before the feeling leaves me, I'm going to sign off and go to bed so that I can fall asleep glad, oh, but before I go... the sweetest thing...Sara* and Bob*, a typical story of boy meets girl and fancies girl and she fancies him back...I'm telling you, just the smile on her face when she mentions his name and how her eyes light up, oh man, I can't help but feel mushy for her. I was grinning like a fool every time, how pathetic am I?

*Not their real names.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

"requiescat in pace"

What a shock, young, pretty and talented Heath Ledger is DEAD! All of the woman in the office crowded around my desk to see the picture on the news page and there were collective “awww’s”. He was probably one of my favorite actors, and I don’t usually like blonde boys. Truly sad.

On a lighter note though, we did have a laugh yesterday evening. As usual, Noleen and I went to the Crossroads church in Randhart for our ‘run’. On most of these occasions, we never actually put too much effort into it and talk a great deal about the days events and what not. The other runners were obviously feeling that we needed to take it more seriously and so employed the help of a young bloke on a bicycle to follow us and “encourage” us along. So the whole way, we were trailed by this guy in army trousers (very appropriately) while he barked out orders at us to control our breathing, listen to the rhythm of our feet on the tar, focus and stop talking! Nola nicknamed him Boot-camp Bob, reckoned he was flirting with us and told me I was daft for not noticing. Hmph. We did come in a whole ten minutes earlier than what we usually finish in, so he did do us some good. I suppose we are a joke to the rest of the group, being two of the youngest girls, in alright shape and we can’t keep up with the considerably older, chubbier runners.

Right, I'm going to get me a cuppa tea.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Yawn, aah, sigh.

*Drool* I somehow made it to work today. The morning has just begun, and already, the small amount of second wind I had is slowing diminishing. Why did I think it was a good idea to go to The Doors on a ‘school night’? It was fun, after a few beers the music became increasingly better and there were lots of young pretty people to look at. I never did learn how to dance to the likes of Korn and Cradle of Filth, but when the more familiar Pixies, Pumpkins and Violent Femmes came on I was dragged onto the dance floor as I no longer had any excuse (although actually I never learnt how to dance to any sort of music) I’ve seriously mellowed over the years, and although I wouldn’t say I particularly enjoy most of the commercial rubbish played on the radio, I have to admit, somewhat sheepishly, that I am loving Mika right now. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with him been tall, skinny, with a great big mop of dark curls, and if that weren’t wonderful enough, foreign, or if it’s his actual music that I’m totally in-love with. Good chance it’s a combination of all of the above. I’ve done very little else over the last two days besides watch his music videos on youtube and drive the office staff crazy. (And I’m the best they’ve ever had, phtshhhhh….)

I’m adding some delightful photos of Mika, purely for perving purposes. There is unfortunately, a good chance that he is gay, it’s alright though, I can pretend that he isn’t. Oooh.

I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to get through the day, and I'm starting to become dramatic and threatening to kill myself (in my head of course) every time someone walks into my office or whenever the phone rings or someone wants me to do something. When will I learn that my body cannnot take late boozy nights out and work at 8 o' clock the next morning?

Monday, 14 January 2008


This weekend past I was invited to a braai at an old friends house. This girl and I have so much (funny) history together that it was pretty fun to relive just a small amount of it together. She brought up stories I'd long forgotten about. It's so nice to remember crazy teenage years again. It makes me feel somewhat gloomy that I am 26 and far from a silly teen. Right now I'm rather prone to sticking up my Jim Morrison and Smashing Pumpkins posters and wearing my Doors tshirts along with my old doc martens. Anyway, she's not changed at all in 6 or 7 years, except for the twins she managed to produce. Candace is just as crazy, scary and funny as ever.

Candace, me and some tequila

We laughed so much over some of Candace's ex boyfriends. Gavin must have been one of the strangest boys I'd ever met. He was so proud of not washing his hair in over a month, wearing his mothers clothing and just generally been a total arse. Candace was smitten. Mostly I think because her parents didn't approve. She was adamant that I would like Gavins friend Bryan and one night we snuck the boys into the back yard so that she could see Gavin and we got caught by my dad. It was round about then that Candace was considered a bad influence and my friendship with her was discouraged. Look mom, it's me and Candace drinking tequila together!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Weddings, visas, and the Communist Manifesto

Last night I visited with Nols, we lay on the grass on her picnic blanket, wrapped in blankets, our hoodies up looking at the cloudy night sky and chatted. I got to hear all about how wonderful her mission trip was (I truly am sorry that I missed it). Next one, I am there! We giggled a little about the one negative aspect of her trip, when her and her friend Nicky got into a political disagreement which upset Nola a fair amount and almost ended in serious blows. We disected some bad judgement in snogging a bloke, and I had to assure her that he most likely was not using her only to see what it was like to kiss her. Love my naive friend.

I had an extended lunch today in which I went to see the travel arrangement people with regards to my visa. I'm finally getting somewhere and I'm feeling positive. They were very helpful and gave me some excellent advise, such as get my visa, and go to Israel from the UK as I'd be saving myself large amounts of money. And so, if I don't chicken out, I will indeed be in the UK by July. What is even better, is that I have a job and accommodation sorted out, a possible travel buddy (thanks for offering Paul) and some sort of 2 year plan.

I went round to Sandras this evening to help her with some wedding preparations. Dominique and Brandon came round to help, but instead all we did was stand in the kitchen reliving drunken nights out with Sandra. Werner must surely be having second thoughts after the things that were brought up. Poor sweet man. He must certainly have a strong constitution. Just 3 weeks until the hen party, then another 2 until the wedding. Mostly, I'm looking foward to the Hen do as I've been organizing and planning it and it is going to be awesome. Oh, the many photo opportunities! We're going to Teaze-Hers, getting her a table dance and perhaps some body shots, then taking her off to Manhattans for some dancing and to get her totally inebriated.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Little exposures

I had a small revelation a few moments ago. It happened whilst reading some email *cough* when I suddenly realized that I am free from the hurt of screwy relationships over the last few months / years. Something I read was particularly eye-opening and made me realize how silly I have been. But what liberation now! For once I am not obsessing over what someone else is thinking or feeling. I'm also learning to stop comparing myself and my life to those around me. Because there will always be people both better and worse off than myself. So it's just silly to try measure up to others standards.

The road back from Walkerville - the clouds looked as though they had been painted on the sky. Doesn't exactly come out in the photo though.

Some paper mache I've been making, I'm no artist, but it's fun!

On Sunday we had a family trip to Walkerville (of all places) to see what happens out that way. Not a whole hell of a lot! My mom, dad and Yvonne and I had an early lunch at a little restaurant called the Moulting Pot. It was hot and I got sunburned from sitting in the sun for not more than 30 minutes. On the way back we stopped off at a small nursery / fresh produce store. The lady running the place was middle aged and brown with a mustache, wearing slippers and an apron. She talked incessantly. I confess I only really took notice once she started going on about how young Yvonne and I looked and how pretty. Not only because I'm vain, but because before that all she spoke about were the dangers of smoking and marrying the wrong man! And well, I know those things anyway :) Although there is nothing happening out that way, I think I might take myself off there again sometime soon and explore on my own.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Today I am dissapointed that I didn't get to go with Noleen and the group from her church on mission trip to Denelton, a rural area in Mpumalanga. Sadly, I have no leave and I need to save whatever I might have up. What she is doing is really good. Her group are going to put together a childrens holiday club, minister to the locals, help paint houses, take them food and clothing etc. I'm hoping that I'll be able to go along on their next trip.

I've been doing loads of online research for travel possibilities for this year. It turns out that I'm not allowed to work in Iceland as I live in a country outside of the European Economic Area. Rather annoying as Iceland looked really pretty and no one else I know of has gone to Iceland, now I know why I suppose. So far the best option is the two year working holiday visa to the UK. It was always an option, but everyone does that, I wanted to do something different. And of course I could always work on a Kibbutz in Israel for 2 months before I go off to do the London thing. Some hard manual labour in the sun and a chance to meet interesting people would do me good. There is also the added bonus of the great tan and thinner thighs on my return.

Anyways, they're all just ideas right now, and probably better ones than joining the British Army, which was an idea I was very quickly talked out of.

I met Candace and some friends up at News Cafe for Candaces' pre-birthday drinks. Next weekend she's having a post birthday braai. Leanne is doing the working holiday thing in the most Northern part of England and Roxanne is going to become a game ranger at the Kruger park. The options right now are endless.

Candace's cousin Debbie, Candace, Leanne and Roxanne.

Oooh, and I made a lovely pie for supper.....

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Years

2008 is here and lets hope it's an awesome year. The new year was brought in with Nols family and a few friends, with lots of beer, bubbly and tequila. Noleen and I spent a lot of time, as we do, sitting apart from the crowd nursing our drinks, playing old cds and signing enthusiastically, with the occasional dance move thrown in for good measure. After all the festivities had died down, me, Nola and Lala thought it a good idea to see what was going on at our local, the Tudor. It's been months since any of us have actually been there, and it was dissapointing to see that it was dodgy as hell and not much of a party happening there at all.

Me, Emmy, Lala (Kaz) and Noleen toasting to the new year....tequilaaa.

I woke up ridiculously early this morning and not been able to get back to sleep I went through Noleens extensive DVD collection and found Driving Miss Daisy. At some point Miss Daisy is frying chicken Southern style and I got it into my mind that I just HAD to have fried chicken so when Nola woke up, we fried some chicken and spent the entire morning sitting in her lounge talking. I'm not sure how it is that we always have so much to say to each other as I see her all the time. I do love her dearly.

Right, so new years is a time for change, in 2008 I resolve to:

  • Conquer my fear of driving on the highway
  • Buy more colourful items of clothing
  • Not sleep with emotionally barren men
  • Tavel...a lot. Theres a few options I'm looking at at the moment, UK, India or Israel. I have to wait until June though.
  • Try been a little more artistic - paint, draw, sculpt etc.
  • Read more books - classics, biographies, poetry and history.

Heres to the best year yet, a great year of change and excitement...of a good kind.