Monday, 7 January 2008

Little exposures

I had a small revelation a few moments ago. It happened whilst reading some email *cough* when I suddenly realized that I am free from the hurt of screwy relationships over the last few months / years. Something I read was particularly eye-opening and made me realize how silly I have been. But what liberation now! For once I am not obsessing over what someone else is thinking or feeling. I'm also learning to stop comparing myself and my life to those around me. Because there will always be people both better and worse off than myself. So it's just silly to try measure up to others standards.

The road back from Walkerville - the clouds looked as though they had been painted on the sky. Doesn't exactly come out in the photo though.

Some paper mache I've been making, I'm no artist, but it's fun!

On Sunday we had a family trip to Walkerville (of all places) to see what happens out that way. Not a whole hell of a lot! My mom, dad and Yvonne and I had an early lunch at a little restaurant called the Moulting Pot. It was hot and I got sunburned from sitting in the sun for not more than 30 minutes. On the way back we stopped off at a small nursery / fresh produce store. The lady running the place was middle aged and brown with a mustache, wearing slippers and an apron. She talked incessantly. I confess I only really took notice once she started going on about how young Yvonne and I looked and how pretty. Not only because I'm vain, but because before that all she spoke about were the dangers of smoking and marrying the wrong man! And well, I know those things anyway :) Although there is nothing happening out that way, I think I might take myself off there again sometime soon and explore on my own.

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