Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Years

2008 is here and lets hope it's an awesome year. The new year was brought in with Nols family and a few friends, with lots of beer, bubbly and tequila. Noleen and I spent a lot of time, as we do, sitting apart from the crowd nursing our drinks, playing old cds and signing enthusiastically, with the occasional dance move thrown in for good measure. After all the festivities had died down, me, Nola and Lala thought it a good idea to see what was going on at our local, the Tudor. It's been months since any of us have actually been there, and it was dissapointing to see that it was dodgy as hell and not much of a party happening there at all.

Me, Emmy, Lala (Kaz) and Noleen toasting to the new year....tequilaaa.

I woke up ridiculously early this morning and not been able to get back to sleep I went through Noleens extensive DVD collection and found Driving Miss Daisy. At some point Miss Daisy is frying chicken Southern style and I got it into my mind that I just HAD to have fried chicken so when Nola woke up, we fried some chicken and spent the entire morning sitting in her lounge talking. I'm not sure how it is that we always have so much to say to each other as I see her all the time. I do love her dearly.

Right, so new years is a time for change, in 2008 I resolve to:

  • Conquer my fear of driving on the highway
  • Buy more colourful items of clothing
  • Not sleep with emotionally barren men
  • Tavel...a lot. Theres a few options I'm looking at at the moment, UK, India or Israel. I have to wait until June though.
  • Try been a little more artistic - paint, draw, sculpt etc.
  • Read more books - classics, biographies, poetry and history.

Heres to the best year yet, a great year of change and excitement...of a good kind.

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