Thursday, 24 January 2008

"requiescat in pace"

What a shock, young, pretty and talented Heath Ledger is DEAD! All of the woman in the office crowded around my desk to see the picture on the news page and there were collective “awww’s”. He was probably one of my favorite actors, and I don’t usually like blonde boys. Truly sad.

On a lighter note though, we did have a laugh yesterday evening. As usual, Noleen and I went to the Crossroads church in Randhart for our ‘run’. On most of these occasions, we never actually put too much effort into it and talk a great deal about the days events and what not. The other runners were obviously feeling that we needed to take it more seriously and so employed the help of a young bloke on a bicycle to follow us and “encourage” us along. So the whole way, we were trailed by this guy in army trousers (very appropriately) while he barked out orders at us to control our breathing, listen to the rhythm of our feet on the tar, focus and stop talking! Nola nicknamed him Boot-camp Bob, reckoned he was flirting with us and told me I was daft for not noticing. Hmph. We did come in a whole ten minutes earlier than what we usually finish in, so he did do us some good. I suppose we are a joke to the rest of the group, being two of the youngest girls, in alright shape and we can’t keep up with the considerably older, chubbier runners.

Right, I'm going to get me a cuppa tea.

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