Monday, 14 January 2008


This weekend past I was invited to a braai at an old friends house. This girl and I have so much (funny) history together that it was pretty fun to relive just a small amount of it together. She brought up stories I'd long forgotten about. It's so nice to remember crazy teenage years again. It makes me feel somewhat gloomy that I am 26 and far from a silly teen. Right now I'm rather prone to sticking up my Jim Morrison and Smashing Pumpkins posters and wearing my Doors tshirts along with my old doc martens. Anyway, she's not changed at all in 6 or 7 years, except for the twins she managed to produce. Candace is just as crazy, scary and funny as ever.

Candace, me and some tequila

We laughed so much over some of Candace's ex boyfriends. Gavin must have been one of the strangest boys I'd ever met. He was so proud of not washing his hair in over a month, wearing his mothers clothing and just generally been a total arse. Candace was smitten. Mostly I think because her parents didn't approve. She was adamant that I would like Gavins friend Bryan and one night we snuck the boys into the back yard so that she could see Gavin and we got caught by my dad. It was round about then that Candace was considered a bad influence and my friendship with her was discouraged. Look mom, it's me and Candace drinking tequila together!

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