Sunday, 27 January 2008

In good spirits again.

Today I've been happy. Not the sort of fling yourself around, jump for joy, sing enthusiastically kind of happy, but instead, the sort of deep down contentment that kind of radiates from the inside out variety of happy. I think it's that type that counts, because the former sort inevitably is a result of possible bipolar disorder...and we don't want to be going there.

The reason for this lovely satisfaction? I mean, do I need a reason? Well, yes...probably. It's not important right now, and it is actually totally inappropriate and wholly unfounded. I have a problem which I will one day deal with, but for now, I am going to revel a little in it. Maybe just for a week or so. Enough.
Nolas birthday celebrations went well. We partied at Manhattans, once you get over the crap music it's pretty fun. The shooters are cheap! I was kept in good supply of suitcases by Nols ex boss and his partner who adopted me as I was the only person willing to drink with them. Oh to be loved...even if for all the wrong reasons...

Urgh, all this joy is making me a little queezy, that or I should go easy on the brie on toast. Seriously though, who would have thought it could be so good?

Here are some photos from last night out. Again, they are of the cheesy posed variety, we (I) lack spontaneity and have yet to learn how to take random action shots successfully (that and Im in a lot of them)

I'm still not entirely sure what the wigs were all about. They were awesome though, the wigs and the blokes.

Me, Kaz, Niki and Noleeeeen.

It was a successful weekend in all I'd say. I went to church again this evening, what is even more surprising is that I've been enjoying going. Ok so I do feel a little wicked, and not so good and pure as what I imagine all the others to be, and my mind does wonder to possible unGodly thoughts, but I'm sure I'll get over those feelings of inadequacy soon enough. We all have our shortfalls after all, and thats why I'm there right? Shja. And it could be worse...a lot worse.

Before the feeling leaves me, I'm going to sign off and go to bed so that I can fall asleep glad, oh, but before I go... the sweetest thing...Sara* and Bob*, a typical story of boy meets girl and fancies girl and she fancies him back...I'm telling you, just the smile on her face when she mentions his name and how her eyes light up, oh man, I can't help but feel mushy for her. I was grinning like a fool every time, how pathetic am I?

*Not their real names.

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