Thursday, 10 January 2008

Weddings, visas, and the Communist Manifesto

Last night I visited with Nols, we lay on the grass on her picnic blanket, wrapped in blankets, our hoodies up looking at the cloudy night sky and chatted. I got to hear all about how wonderful her mission trip was (I truly am sorry that I missed it). Next one, I am there! We giggled a little about the one negative aspect of her trip, when her and her friend Nicky got into a political disagreement which upset Nola a fair amount and almost ended in serious blows. We disected some bad judgement in snogging a bloke, and I had to assure her that he most likely was not using her only to see what it was like to kiss her. Love my naive friend.

I had an extended lunch today in which I went to see the travel arrangement people with regards to my visa. I'm finally getting somewhere and I'm feeling positive. They were very helpful and gave me some excellent advise, such as get my visa, and go to Israel from the UK as I'd be saving myself large amounts of money. And so, if I don't chicken out, I will indeed be in the UK by July. What is even better, is that I have a job and accommodation sorted out, a possible travel buddy (thanks for offering Paul) and some sort of 2 year plan.

I went round to Sandras this evening to help her with some wedding preparations. Dominique and Brandon came round to help, but instead all we did was stand in the kitchen reliving drunken nights out with Sandra. Werner must surely be having second thoughts after the things that were brought up. Poor sweet man. He must certainly have a strong constitution. Just 3 weeks until the hen party, then another 2 until the wedding. Mostly, I'm looking foward to the Hen do as I've been organizing and planning it and it is going to be awesome. Oh, the many photo opportunities! We're going to Teaze-Hers, getting her a table dance and perhaps some body shots, then taking her off to Manhattans for some dancing and to get her totally inebriated.

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  1. phahahahhahahaah this is a funny post.. i'm sure i'm a little less naive these days :)