Sunday, 3 February 2008

Hen Night!

Fricken heck. We decided that we will only ever visit Teaze-Hers again in the case of hen parties and that we will not become sleazy old women and frequent the place. Good flippen grief. I’ll paint the picture…

We walk through the door only be confronted with the sight of near naked men milling about on one side and we’re shown to our section of the venue and our small table, the house rules are explained to us and our drinks are ordered. So far ok. On the way through to the bathroom someone (I say someone but it was in fact a stripper) grabs hold of my trousers and yanks me back and starts doing who knows what to me whilst another guy gets me from the other side and I became a Katie sandwich whilst my friends use the ‘scatter in case of emergencies’ tactic to ensure survival. I was released pretty quickly and it was all over with, that, however, was only the beginning of it. The whole evening I was victimized! Every time anything was going on, that’s right, they picked me. I was pulled up on the table by the dodgiest of blokes, I was made to shoot a water pistol at the pretty blonde boy, I was nominated for a body shot, made to rub cream into the same pretty blonde boy, and oh, I’m sure there was more.

Ok, I moan, but it was in actual fact, pretty fun. We had a huge laugh (mostly at my expense) and then went on to Manhattans. Thankfully, nothing suspect or dodgy happened to me there, ooh, no, I forgot about the creepy bald dude who was standing on the dance floor staring at me while I danced...for a goodly hour or so...even after we moved away. That was weird.

It was all innocent enough with some Spiced Gold and shooters and a couple of good sing-a-long songs as well as a few not so sing-a-long-able songs but we happily danced until the wee hours of the morning.

Yup it was good. And if I EVAH become anything like the old fat woman who was perving over the strippers, Noleen has kindly offered to put a bullet in my head, or something along those lines, to relieve me of my misery, and the misery of those around me.

Taryn, Dominique, Sandra, Kaz, and me

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