Sunday, 10 February 2008

Madness I tell you.

Last night Dominique and I went round to Sandras to keep her company whilst Werner was off on his bachelors’ night out. If you ever wondered what three girls get up to when left alone for a night with much pink wine, you can wonder no more.

There was much singing, dancing and making up of silly rules, uh, such as the above one, which I'm not going to go in to. It was silly. Clearly. Ah, yeah.

New bright tshirt, but with the same sad message. Apparently.

I’ve been super industrious today (surprisingly, as it’s always unexpected when I actually get stuff done) Yay me! I’ve cleaned my car, washed the bull terrier, made lasagna, tidied up, cleaned up the aftermath of bathing the bull terrier, and uh, oh…that is all. BUT…it really is pretty good after a boozy night out with the girls, sleeping in late and I’m only now going to eat lunch…so…

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