Thursday, 28 February 2008

Oi oi! What ho!

The mind reels at the wonders of what small amounts of attention and chocolate can do for ones state of mind! Or maybe just mine, who can tell?

Just when I was feeling particularly unloved, mopey and despondent, the chocolate fairy appeared in the form of a technically incompetent colleague and an unknown admirer appeared out of the blue. What fun!

Yesterday, in payment for installing her new cell phone software and uploading her photos, Linky brought me 2 chocolates (been in short supply of late and so all the much more appreciated). Then, I received a call from a random stranger telling me that he’s been ‘getting up the courage’ to ring me for some time now, but would like to do more business with the company so that he might get the chance to come in more often and see me. Odd indeed. Oh, but so totally ego boosting and a lovely surprise! Linky reckons I should get Clive to start giving me commission for situations such as these! Har har.

Anyway, I know nothing about this bloke and I have no intentions of starting anything now, when I’m on the brink of skipping the country. Still, it did me a great deal of good. Now if the same amounts of attention could be lavished…oh sod it…

Ooh, I’m thoroughly enjoying The Arcade Fire and Spoon right now. (Thanks Kelvin) It took me a while before I started listening, but now that I am…’tis very good.

And now, for those wanting to be kept in the loop…I will be applying at the end of March for my visa, I’ve got the money I need together, but was having some trouble showing where it was coming from and I don’t want the Britons to think I’m a money launderer or drug smuggler (and ending up in a Thai prison Bridget Jones style), so I’m delaying the whole thing by a month. It makes me feel a wee bit more comfy as well. Anyways, it’s all getting a bit dull thinking things over, and then going over the finer details again…and again. I just don’t want to have to think about it anymore.

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