Monday, 25 February 2008

Pip pip and Tally Ho...

I have so much work to do and my nerves are utterly frazzled. Mostly it is due to thinking about my visa, and not so much to do with my actual work. I find, however, that when I get stressed due to the amount of work I have, it is very beneficial to neatly stack it all up in a pile, put it next to me, and then either write a blog entry, call a friend, spend some time messing about on the internet, or eat my sandwiches. And that is precisely what I am doing now. My papers are stacked, I’m blogging and I’m unwrapping my sandwich.

Last night I visited Sandra and Werner to drop off their wedding present and disc of all the photos. She played the video of the wedding that her aunt took, and showed me some of the photos she had developed from the table cameras. We sat drinking tea and laughing until I almost cried over some of the pictures. There are also a few very nice ones which I desperately would like copies of.

Man, but I am unproductive today. Between eating my lunch, dealing with rude people on the phone (have the words, ‘hello’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ totally vanished from language???), making a tower of documents, and calling random people over to ask them if they think a particular girl is pretty or not, I’m just not getting a lot done. Consensus on the girl is: she is average.

I’m sure that if I hadn’t stayed up until some bizarre hour email chatting to a certain Welshman, I’d be in fine spirits today. Instead, I’m ratty, with a frizzy strip down the back of my hair from not drying it properly, and finding it very hard not to swear loudly at the miserable old man who’s incessantly ringing the bell outside. Once is enough dude. One ring will wake the frikken dead I assure you.


It’s not all doom and gloom though. Actually, there is no doom or gloom at all. It’s just me working myself up into a total frenzy thinking of the worst that could happen. And what can worrying do to help anyway? So, in this new light, I’m going to get some tea and do some work, isn’t that a novel idea?

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