Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Unlikely scenario

I had the interesting experience last night of dreaming of the most random person. Not to say she is particularly random, I actually don’t know that for sure though. Anyways, no names mentioned, but it struck me as so strange that I would dream of her, that I had to add it to my blog. Silly eh? So on to the dream. For some or other reason it was up to me to entertain this girl while she was in the country. She is rather attractive from what I can glean from photographs, but in this dream, she was a sight delightful to behold. I couldn’t help but like her, even though whilst I slept I knew that was ridiculous. As part of the entertainment I suggested we go to the planetarium for a late afternoon of stargazing. Oh, but the poor lovely creature, without embarrassment, sweetly tilted her head, looked at me and said “what is that…plan-et-arium?”

What brought on the above reverie who can tell? I’m sure I laughed out loud in my sleep though.

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