Sunday, 17 February 2008

The wedding weekend.

It’s been good weekend. On Friday morning Dominique and Branden picked me up and we began the trip to Nelspruit. It went very well with Dominique and me chatting the whole way. I think we really bonded over the past few weekends and we’ve been getting along just great. Dom and Bran booked into the Town Lodge and we spent some time out by the pool sipping on drinks and trying to keep cool as it was over thirty degrees. We walked up to the O’Hagans and fed and had some beer and then met at Sandras parents place. We had a small braai and got a pretty early-ish night, me Sandra and Leah in one bed, and Dom on the single bed. I lay clutching the end of the bed all night with Leahs small fingers entangled in my hair, and fearing for my life most of the night.
Branden, Nix and Seth...the cutest boy I've ever met.

Somewhere along the way.

Trying to keep cool.

Lisa applying Dominiques make up.

We were woken at the crack of dawn by Sandras mother so that Sandra could get to her hair appointment and Nix and I got bathed and dressed and had our makeup applied by Roberts girlfriend Lisa. Dom did my hair and we got into our dresses and made our way to the Bee Eaters Farm for the ceremony. I wasn’t as nervous as I expected to be. I was comforted by telling myself that all I had to do was slowly walk down the isle and then just stand there, and I walk every day without any thing bad ever happening. Nix on the other hand was a little tense, but we did wonderfully in the end I think.

It was a pretty wedding, with lovely people to speak to and I spent a goodly amount of time chatting with Sandras cousin and we do seem to get on excellently. He even very kindly offered to drive me back to Johannesburg on Sunday afternoon as I was going to be leaving with Ruby after the wedding. I had to decline though after thinking about it for a short moment, tempting as the offer was. Hmph.

I do hope that Sandra and Werners married life is a long and happy one and that any negative opinions I may have had in the past may be totally unfounded.

On the way back to Johannesburg

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