Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Did you see the stylish kids?

I’ve only, within the last week or so discovered the Libertines (what, four years after they disbanded?)…and I’m in love. Pete and Carl are so pretty…so tall, thin, pale, bags under their eyes, and foul in every other regard. Even if they would have me, I wouldn’t touch them with the proverbial ten foot pole. Though I might consider it…Ah, the music, the poetry, the British accent. So I’ve been seriously slowing up the internet at work while I watch them on Youtube.

I’m a little troubled over my most recent infatuation with Pete Doherty. The man is seriously dodgy and I’m not entirely sure what it is I find attractive about him. I should be ashamed, I’m not. This is most assuredly an indication as to the state of my mental functioning right now. It isn't looking great.

Yvonne says that I'm spoiled. That's probably true. I'm spoiled, selfish, and mean, and I'm not pretty enough to get away with it. My hope is that I improve some day soon.

Pictures from Saint Patricks day. Bonny, Linky, her son, and I went to the pub for some Guiness refreshment, it is after all tradition, and who are we to mess with that? Who the hell was Saint Patrick... and what did he do that was so wonderful that warrants week long beer binges in his honour? Patron Saint of Ireland, no other saint has drunken festivals to their credit do they?

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