Thursday, 13 March 2008

Ooh, he cut me man.

Sitting at my desk yesterday, three workers come into my office unannounced shifting from foot to foot grinning at me across my desk. I’m so used to random people coming in off the street and staring at me and then mumbling something that goes a long the lines of ‘eeehhh, I WANT job’ (yeah, and I WANT smaller thighs and a bigger salary), so automatically I was feeling a little suspect of these men. The one, grinning widely at me extended his hand to shake mine and gave me a happy hello. I gave them an impatient, hello, yes, may I help you? Anyway, it turns out that they were here on an actual job and had been called in and I was snubbing them so badly. On their way out, the one man turned to me, huge smile, and said goodbye and wished me a pleasant day further. OUCH! Yes, yes, he is the bigger person. I tell you, it took a good couple of hours of me feeling horrible before I got over it and deemed that I ought to be extra nice to Esther and even some of the factory staff who usually piss me off quite severely.

Oh! VERY pretty foreign visitor just came in, why can’t we have more of those types? Clearly xenophobia is not one of my issues. Oh happy happy that I am going to Europe! Yes, I have problems; Yes, I’ll deal with them later.

I'm listening to INXS - Beautiful Girl...I can't hear it without recalling happy memories of a skinnier, frizzier and spottier 17 year old version of myself, dancing around in the lounge. Those were the days, the world seemed so much bigger back then, I lived in total awe...of everything!

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