Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Buggering off...

After one hell of a tense day yesterday, I finally received the phone call to say that I am going to England. Instead of the relief that I was expecting to feel, I just felt the same as I had up until that moment: edgy. I went home, got into my pjs, ate a delicious supper, went to bed and lay there unable to sleep for hours. When I eventually fell asleep I was plagued by the most bizarre dreams…something along the lines of been the ‘other woman’ to a long haired, Hugh Grant look-alike who was in actual fact a truck driver who drove from England to Japan daily. Wtf, I know.

Today was better. I had a fair amount of people on the other side of the phone who say that they prefer my voice and who seem to be at least a little saddened at my imminent going away. Thank goodness for small blessings ‘ey? It brightens my day to know that someone in Harrismith who has seen me all but once will miss my mindless chatter. I feel that maybe I do mean something to at least a handful of friends…one who will cry for me on this side, and one who is counting the days until I fly in to Gatwick, travel weary and smelly. Why is it that I expected a little bit more though? I’m not sure what I was expecting, certainly not a carnival of party people coming to wish me well and send me off with gifts and kisses…but something…something is just missing. I suppose it was just me, working myself into some appalling frenzy and it ended up an anticlimax.

I am excited, but it isn’t real just yet. I’m going away. And for fear that I make myself cry, I am going to blog about something else. But first…isn’t it pretty?? My very own visa…such a small piece of bastard paper that made me agonize for so long!

So tonight I am lying on the couch with blankies, chocolate, Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy. It’s British, I’m a customizing myself to the new culture…I’ve learned so far that unless a man looks at you the way that Mark looks at Bridget: chuck him, leave him on the street in broken glass and his own blood…slimy Daniel Cleaver. Very fancy-able though…hmmm.

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