Sunday, 13 April 2008

Little unexpected pleasures

We had a pleasantly different Saturday night. It was pretty awesome really, and also quite unexpected. Nols, Sandra and me went to the St Pauls church in Mulbarton where the Drum Café came to us and gave us an hour of drumming for half the usual price. We drummed until I was convinced I’d broken my thumb bone, but since it didn’t swell I was reassured that it would be fine. Then we listened to the band play and giggled whilst sitting on the floor on cushions drinking coffee and sharing chocolate chip and ginger biscuits. We proceeded on to News Café and drank non-alcoholic daiquiris. Such lovely people and I’m a little sad that I will be leaving them all just as I begin to kinda like them and actually get up the courage to strike up conversations with them.

The doom and gloom has begun. At various intervals either Sandra or Nola would look at me, become all somber and say something sad. Shit I’m going to miss my friends. I do love them dearly and I’m not sure how I’ll cope without them. How will I be able to judge if I’m dressed like a total dork, dancing like an idiot or going for a bloke who is either a) married, b) a total arse, or c) gay? Ugh.

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