Monday, 14 April 2008

Oh bother.

I'm feeling a little tense this morning, I think it started when my replacement had the impertinence to park in MY PARKING SPOT…I mean flippen hell, I’m still here for another 2 weeks dammit. It just wound me up, I’m not usually petty I don’t think..I think maybe it comes from weeks of been felt up at my desk finally coming out in a rage over my spot. You know, misplaced anger issues. I think she may be avoiding me a little now. Ah well.

Today, that means from 9 o'clock onwards, I will try and be patient, charming and gentle. I will not be a bitch to the new lady (where is this anger coming from I wonder?) I will get all of my work out on time. I will not spend the better part of the day perving over dirty rock stars. What good intentions for a monday morning.

Right then, best get to it.

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