Monday, 14 April 2008

To be taller and thinner.

I’ve become a serial blogger.

The thought came to me earlier, it’s not a new thought, just one that crops up every now and then. It goes something along these lines:
Generally, on the whole, women make very poor rock heroes, poets and by and large anything really noteworthy. (I may get a public flogging for this statement) I’m been pretty hard on my gender, but it’s fairly accurate I’d say. We’re only ever really noted if we are particularly beautiful or a totally out of the ordinary great and unusual singer. So this is my predicament…I’m not beautiful and I certainly cannot sing and even if I were a poet, I wouldn’t write anything that would go down alongside the likes of Dylan Thomas, John Donne or William Blake (may I add Pete Doherty in there?). Consequently, if I cannot be an arm piece to a brilliant musician / poet, it’s best I continue to dress like a boy and day dream of them from a distance. I’m just not Kate Moss, nor a 19 year old Brazilian model with fantastic bone structure.

And so, I've decided to become all emo and dramatic. This is my tragic and dramatic look, can't you tell? Sigh.

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