Sunday, 25 May 2008

4 days in Wales.

My last day in Wales. It's gone really well and we've managed to fit a whole load of stuff into just a few days. Over-tiredness does funny things to a person and after 3 great days last night was a bit crazy...what a roller-coaster ride. But then...I seem to like messy, drama and general chaos. Well no, I don't, but I do seem to find it! It's all good and today was spent sleeping in late, nursing a nasty headache and spending an afternoon in Cardiff getting some new music. Not that I have anything to play it on. Ha ha! I got to listen to the Babyshambles all the way back to Newport and sing a long...Whoohoo. In the morning it's off to Milton Keynes for least 2 hours of driving Andrew insane in the car with Pete's the simple pleasures that make life worthwhile.

Oh, I also had my first bit of Welsh hospitality. Walking around in the ampitheatre at Caerleon a local Welsh girl wanders around the corner, spots me, and walks back towards her friends proclaiming in a thick accent "Oh NO! There are F@*king tourists! "F@*king tourists". We made our escape quickly.

A few insights from the little time spent in this what they call Great Britain:

  • British boys are not as pretty as I first thought they might be. Small observation, I'm still hoping to be proved wrong on that :)

  • English / Welsh girls must spend half their lives frikken freezing judging by their night time attire. Why bother get dressed at all? Yes, when I have finally gotten used to the crappy weather, I too will go out to the pub in my underwear. Um...yeah...

  • I'm a whole lot more organized and clean than I ever gave myself credit for. I would have never called myself anal but I'm begining to question that now.

  • People never really ever change.

  • I'm tough as nails...all I need are some tattoos and piercings...would go awesomely with my gloves.

  • It's a bitch trying to find a beanie in the spring time. I'm going to be the only person in the UK with a hat all the way through summer (if I can find one). And that is ok.

  • When William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, he was only 18 and she was 26.

My first day in North Wales. We wandered into a cemetry and found these horsies. Spent a goodly amount of time breaking off grass and feeding them. Really, there was nothing else to do.
Tintern Abbey. This place is awesome and is on the Wye river in South Wales. Came here in 2003 as well. I could spend a whole lot more time just sitting at the river and looking around the ruins.
A walk along the Wye River. My new stripey brollie is cool. Probably should have gone for all black, but Kerry would have none of it. So colourful it had to be.

Chepstow castle. A pretty big castle with some scary stairs and frightening heights. What a great day out.

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