Friday, 30 May 2008

A picture blog - for my Nola

Here it is Nols, I said I'd post a few more pics so that you can ahem, enjoy, them too...

We went on this boat across Cardiff Bay to get to Penarth. The tour guide thought Andrew and I were Australian and gave us a talk on the area for the whole trip. I just wanted to enjoy the view really.
This is Penarth on the other side of Cardiff bay. We took a long walk along this excessively rocky 'beach' looking for the dinosaur footprints our so called tour guide had promised us. We found nothing except for a shell or two.I had to add this one...for obvious reasons...hahaha. This was on the beach at Penarth. Candace reckons I look very '70s...and I can't help but agree.
I just liked this pic...we were at a reservoir in the Brecon Beacons and it was really windy and cold. We flung rocks into the water to see who could make the biggest spash.
In the background you can see a train passing. I do like trains. Isn't it pretty? This was at the same reservoir.
Tintern Abbey. Some really old and pretty ruins. We came here as well in 2003 and spent a goodly amount of time just wandering around.
Again, Tintern Abbey, this time, from the parking lot...oooh. Andrew doesn't like this picture, but I do. The first evening in Wales, we went past the Roman Ampitheatre in Caerleon. Got verbally assulted by some young local girl. It was delightful.
The ampitheatre in Caerleon. It was fast approaching the night so the light isn't awesome.
Aaah, my favorite shot of Chepstow Castle. I leaned over a railing to get this...and the wind was blowing too, so I was really taking my life into my own hands here.
Chepstow Castle...from an archway.

Andrew at home in his South African shirt.
A bridge in the Brecon Beacons. It was built in 1866 I think, and is really was used to transport coal back in the it's just pretty and used for little else but it's looks. I know some people like that :)

Kerry feeling my leg in Dudley. Her and her friend Faye and I went to the Crooked House, an old farm house, now pub, that sank rather badly on one side due to mining in the area.
It makes you feel a little drunk...which could mean a rather cheap night out!
Me and Kerry on Derby Road, Worcester. We were waiting for her friend Samantha to pick us up and take us to Stratford-apon-Avon.
Oooh, it's Worcester cathedral. Very impressive and rather larger than I'd imagined.
A view of Worcester from a street overlooking the city.

A night out in Worcester. We went to Bushwackers...they have a whole load of different dance floors, and downstairs they play all the old cheesy songs...I sang along enthusiastically. It was awesome. I wasn't drunk.
Stratford-apon-Avon. Here Mr Shakespeare was born and grew up. We had a nice wander about his house.
Milton Keynes - the famous concrete cows. On closer inspection they are actually rather dissapointing as they look very little like cows and some don't even have faces anymore. Still, they had to be seen and photographed. It was wet...and a little bit cold.

And well, I just had to add this one as well, because I think I look like a well organized traveller...shades, Ipod and well...yes, I just liked this picture. Don't judge me.

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