Monday, 9 June 2008

Blenheim Palace

Yesterday I went out in support of Andrews second triathlon held at Blenheim Palace in Woodstock – Oxfordshire. It was hot and I suffered terribly with hay-fever the whole day. Andrew completed the lake swim, cycle and run in one hour and 33 minutes which is pretty darn good (especially when you consider it took me and Noleen 30 minutes to run just 4 kms) and this was a whole lot more than that.

While he was been an over-achiever, I took myself off on a walk in the palace gardens and book shop. I found some lovely history and etiquette books which I was much tempted to buy, but managed to restrain myself at the last moment. I instead got myself a double chocolate ice-cream and ate that in the beautiful gardens with hedges, fountains and statues…and one or two tourists.

At the start of the event - the lake.

It was hot, and I felt sickly.

Andrew, before getting into his wet suit
Blenheim Palace and garden

Triathlon finished and packing up the car.
Things are going well at the moment. This morning I have had a few more calls from agencies interested in my cv. If the whole admin thing doesn't work out, maybe I'll become a cook, it has been brought to my attention that I'd do rather well in that line. I do love a compliment :)
Every now and then I forget where I am and I think that I'll just go into my room and get a photo album, an item of clothing or a cd or something else I left at home. Or I'll think of someone I'd like to see or invite out for a boozy night. I do miss my family and friends and my Nushka, but it wont make me forget all of the reasons to why I left to begin with. I keep finding things in the shops that I think someone would like and I want to buy it and send it to them...but alas, I am unemployed and can't do that right now. The little metal knights, the High School Musical shirt, the book on British Wit and insults...ok, I wanted one for me too.
Still, how long did I dream of seeing this place and walking in its hills?

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