Saturday, 14 June 2008

Cardiff, Leicestershire and Ash.

Friday was spent in Cardiff. Andrew took me through in the morning, we had some Starbucks and then he left me in that big busy city. I busied myself with walking along St Marys Street and looking into shops and ducking into alleyways to consult with my trusty map. I had my first interview at Reed Recruitment and it was over pretty quickly leaving me with 2 hours until my next appointment. I had some MacD’s and watched Cardiff go by outside the window. I found an awesome store that sells black clothing, spikes and just loads of cool stuff, badges, pins etc. Walked out of there wishing I could be at least 20 so that I could pull it all off. My second Interview at Kelly Services was very successful and positive and I was there for an hour. When it was over I made my way to Central Station and managed to find my way to the entrance on my second attempt. The train ride from Cardiff to Newport is only around 20 minutes and was just £3. I was seriously impressed with myself. I celebrated my small victory later when Andrew and I went to the Spanish Tapas Bar / resturaunt with his South African friends Jackie and Leon and finished a jug of champaigne sangria. The food there is amazing and was so much I couldn't finish it all.

Yesterday Andrew drove us to Leicestershire to the Loughborough University Student Union to watch Ash play. We had some beer before the concert and sat amongst the students who were having their Uni end of year ball and were all dressed up in pretty frocks and the boys in suits and ties...Andrew and I were sat there in out jeans and black jumpers, me with my military bag and sipping on beer. The doors opened at 19h00 and the first band only started at 20h00 and were shit whoever they were. The second support band (I wish I knew who they were) were really excellent, fronted by a young boy with big curly hair and glasses. Ash finally started playing and were good and we both agreed that Tim Wheeler seems to be a lovely down to earth bloke with a guitar and not very rock 'n roll at all. Still, we had a laugh...good wholesome sing a long type songs :) We got back home at 02h00 this morning exhausted. No more bands on a week night...we're far too elderly.

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