Thursday, 12 June 2008

Karen does Newport

I made it yesterday to Newport city centre and back with no problems. I got past Hand Post, followed the signs to the City Centre and found my way over the bridge that goes over the railway line, and into the middle of the city. It has become customary for me to get an ice cream these days (hopefully short lived) so I bought my ice cream and proceeded to wander around the streets and the shops. I found Newport Castle but it was on the other side of a very busy road, and I didn’t feel brave enough to venture across it. I looked in a small Welsh crafts and gifts shop, and then went on to visit the local Top Shop, New Look, Boots, WH Smith and various shoe stores. I bought some black cotton shorts, some tights, a pair of shoes, some eye makeup and a diary. I found a t-shirt which I almost bought, but common sense prevailed and I put it back on the rack. It was a white t-shirt with an enormous black cat taking up the whole of the front. I’m not even a cat person.

Shopping done and I felt confident enough to not look for a taxi back home, so I took a walk to find the way back. It was then that the general harassment began. First it was an Indian man with such a strong accent that I couldn’t understand a word he was saying trying to sell me something medical related, a black man from Pretoria trying to get me involved in some Oxfam thing or other, we shook hands and made comments about it been a small world and fancy meeting you here… after him, another Oxfam person stopped me, then a man wanting to sign me up for kick boxing and self defence classes and lastly a young bloke wanting to know if I was interested in paint ball. An old man was sitting beside the statues by the Starbucks playing ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ on an accordion, a homeless looking man approached me for 60p so that he could get a bus and some filthy sweaty construction men repulsed me by the way that they looked at me as they walked past.

In all, I'd say a very successful first walk into Newport City Centre. Yay me indeed.

The castle has a road going through it. Nice.
You can get your baquettes here if you were inclined to.
The bridge I crossed to get to and from the city.
The road on the way back home.

Tomorow...Cardiff and the frightening prospect of trains and buses all alone.

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