Sunday, 1 June 2008


Leanne, her John and I spent a day in London this past weekend. I do like London, though it may be little daunting due to it's size, busy streets and admission prices of attractions. Nevertheless, the Tower had to be visited and so, there we went.

The Thames and general view from a railing under Tower Bridge.
Typically touristy picture - me, Leanne and a tree at the Tower of London.

The Tower of London - we did the tour and our 'beefeater' was frightfully witty. Took a looksee at the crown jewels, some lovely torture devices, guns, cannons, suits of armor and the like. What fun for £16.50!

A bus was driving by - I rather like the effect.

London skyline and Saint Pauls Cathedral.
Tower bridge and the customary pose by Tower bridge.
We did a lot of walking along the Thames and I was very well behaved in not buying any t-shirts, beanies, fridge magnets or anything I didn't need. We had a pasta supper and after we wandered along the Thames some more and found a boat / bar and had some Coronas on the boat sitting by the railing and looking at the London lights. The underground is still scary, as is every other mode of public transport.
Next blog - my birthday, Ogmore-on Sea and the Hard Rock Cafe.

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