Tuesday, 3 June 2008

My birthday

My 27th birthday, and the first one spent away from home. An awesome day which started by been dragged from the warmth of bed at a ridiculously early and unheard of hour...just before 8 o'clock...

The day was spent first at Swansea (to see what goes on around there). Nothing happens in Swansea except for some building sites, some rehab centres (you haven't lived in Swansea until you have visited rehab) and men preaching in the streets about the coming destruction of the Earth. According to my tour guide, the people from Swansea are a of a different tribe to that of the rest of South Wales. They are scum. Har har. It was funny. Swansea has a very good university...you can start university with a minor in marijuana and leave with your masters in heroin. We didn't spend a lot of time in Swansea and moved on to Ogmore-on-Sea and had some ice cream at the seaside :)

For supper, we were going to go to a nice Spanish resturaunt in Cardiff, my attention, however, was diverted by the Hard Rock Cafe just across the way, and so we went there instead.

The walls are full of original posters, albums, and stage outfits. Tom Jones, Marilyn Manson, The Clash, Pearl Jam, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix...it was very cool indeed. We ate supper whilst listening to The Hard Rock Cafes selection of music, accompanied by some pink wine and a margarita and I managed to get some woman to sing with me whilst bopping and signing to 'Come on Eileen'. Hehe, it was fun to walk back to the car in the rain, tipsy and happy and singing 'Piano Man' in a very theatrical and dramatic sort of way, whilst weilding an umbrella and trying not to slip in the street.