Wednesday, 11 June 2008

To Newport!

Last night was the first early night I’ve had in a month, and by early I mean 11 o’clock or there abouts. So today, with my new found energy I’m going to venture out and look for Newport city centre…I believe it is just 20 minutes walk and I’m hoping I know in which direction I should be walking. I made it all the way to Hand Post yesterday but I’m hoping that today I can be a little braver, and hopefully it wont be quite so hot!

By all accounts, Newport is a bit of a hole and I’m hoping that the cynicism will prove unfounded. There is a charming castle where the local addicts come together, a Starbucks with some statues in the street outside, and a whole host of other delights to be explored.

I’m all dosed up on antihistamines, tea and muesli and am ready.

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