Monday, 23 June 2008

Up the Bracket

I spent most of Friday in Newport city centre again...this time I took a more leisurely approach to the day and I strolled along getting my bearings right and taking note of my surroundings. As usual I wandered into HMV and to my delight I found The Libertines ‘Up the Bracket’ on sale for £7 instead of the usual £16…so I grabbed it. I found the Newport Museum and Gallery and spent ages just looking around. There was a display on the Newport Ship, the Chartist Uprising, some old bones and clay jugs and some very friendly helpful people milling about. I got lost trying to find the way back out of the centre and ended up walking for an extra half an hour trying to figure out which way was back home.

It was a quieter weekend, this one that has just past. On Saturday Andrew had Iron Mountain cycle race in Abergavenny with his brother Simon. I slept in late and spent the morning lazing about and lying on the couch with the dogs. We drove through to Cardiff in the evening and after having a beer at Ha Ha's we went to Cineworld and watched excellent film about Genghis Khans life, in Russian with English subtitles. I'm not sure if the movie was intentionally funny, but there were parts of it where we couldn't stop giggling. Genghis Khan was a real doer. What an awesome guy...hahaha.

Yesterday was another seriously lazy day spent sleeping. We broke our sleep briefly to go to the Chepstow Sunday Market and get some fresh hot Welsh tea cakes for brunch. I also bought a grey jacket (for chilly spring days) and some more foundation...for £1.50 it doesn't matter much if it is crap. It was fun going around the market and laughing at Andrews mothers yoda impersonation.

I am enjoying Wales, but then I knew that I would.

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