Saturday, 12 July 2008

Belvoir (Beaver) - fest

My alarm went off just before half past three this morning. It's never a welcome sound, but after just 2 and a half hours of sleep, it really was not something I wanted to be hearing. We left the house after four and got to Belvoir Castle at around seven. The weather was better than it was last week at Bournemouth, but it was still cold and windy. Belvoir castle from the road.

Andrew getting into his wetsuit before the swim in the lake.

At the finish line.

A friendly, fuzzy-faced cow on the way out.

A pleasant and long day out at Belvoir. Andrew did very well and this time around I actually found the finish line and got to meet him as he came in...which was awesome and very clever of me indeed. We had a lovely all uphill walk to the castle and gardens and rewarded ourselves with ice cream. The ice cream and peacocks were excellent, as was the woodland walk.

But now, all warm and fed my eyes are feeling heavy and I think a nap on the couch would do me very well.


  1. such cool photos!

    i stumbled across your blog and just wanted to invite you to join The South African Bloggers' Network - still new, still recruiting, but sign up - we can all hook up!

  2. Hey dollybird... how's it going.. wanted to ask you something, but I reckon email would be better...more personal.. drop me a line on
    Take care!!!