Saturday, 5 July 2008


Sunday was the beginning of a five week in a row triathlon-fest. On Saturday we drove to Bournemouth so that Andrew could register and at 3 o'clock on Sunday morning, we drove back to Bournemouth for the event. The weather was awful, windy, rainy and cold! Not ideal conditions for a morning at a seaside resort.

Saturday was sunny and we ate "The best fish 'n chips in the world" which was atually pretty darn good.

I should probably back track a few days though. To Thursday I think...somehow, I found myself in Matlock in Derbyshire on Thursday late afternoon. Matlock is 'the gateway to the peak district'. I can only image how beautiful the actual peak district must be if the gateway is so amazing. Still, even with its beauty, it was an easy decision to make in the end and over an over-cooked steak at Weatherspoons I decided to go back home. Home of course, in the city of Newport. And just for a laugh, we're going to spend a weekend at The Grouse and Claret...the only place in Derbyshire to serve food after 14h00 and before 18h30, besides of course, Weatherspoons.

Happy days have found us again.


  1. i'm so proud of you! Look at you all international, a woman of mystery and all of that! Good on you girl. Enjoy it. You deserve all the happiness that comes your way. Much love from Joburg...

  2. C!

    I've been thinking of you! How's Joburg treating you? Still madly in love? :) I hope work and life is treating you well!

    Love lots,
    K in Wales.