Thursday, 17 July 2008

A long walk

This past week has gone by so fast. Everything is going well and I am pleased to announce that I am happy. On Tuesday night after spending most of the day in Newport city centre, Andrew and I drove to the Brecon Beacons to see if we could get some star gazing in. However, when we got there, the clouds were so heavy that not a patch of sky could be seen, never mind any stars. Still, it was a nice drive and just a little bit creepy when Andrew started going over possible scenarios involving "the liver man". Ooh...shudder.
Yesterday was spent at the Newport Wetlands. A huge area of land along the Bristol channel devoted to bird wild life, some sheep and a group of cranky cows. The day was cool, windy and moody looking, the clouds were heavy, dark and threatening and the sun was trying to shine through, rather unsucessfully. We must have walked for 3 hours before finding our way out of the reserve and on a road, quite luckily leading to "The Farmers Arms". I had fish 'n chips and shared some beer shandy with Andrew. We walked back to the car park along the road and got back to the car within an hour or so. It was wonderful to remove my shoes and nurse my blistered feet...I need to invest in sensible walking shoes instead of the silly flimsy ones I was wearing. I am, however, pleased that the silly shoes are now officially worn in...though it was a harsh way to have it done.

Goldcliff from the sea wall.

The Farmers Arms where we had an awesome and much needed lunch after a three hour walk.

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