Tuesday, 22 July 2008

'Nothing pleases like Maltesers'

Tuesday morning and I feel a little queasy after putting away a bowl of hot salty and vinegary chips for elevenses, when really a slice of jam toast and a cup of tea would have sufficed. I’m also trying to kick my bag-of-Maltesers-a-day habit. I’m finding it not so easy.

Actually, since I’ve mentioned it, the toast and jam sounds pretty tempting…

I yielded.

It’s quite a miserable day and I’m thinking that this is it…there is no more sunshine to be looked forward to. It doesn’t make a lot of difference I suppose, and so long as I’m kept in good supply of industrial-sized barrels of hair straightening creams and straightening irons, I should be alright.
Porthcawl - South Wales. Andrew competed in the Tuska triathlon and I took photos.
Don't be fooled by the sunshine...it was only six o' clock in the morning and the wind was freezing. My warmest top in South Africa is just not warm enough for the British summer.
A contemplative triathlete on the beach in the morning.
The start of the swim part of the event. A swim in the Bristol channel.

A hill in the Brecon Beacons a few kilometers outside of Crickhowell. We went for a walk with the dogs. I got to the top of the hill and the wind was cold and crazy. Andrew wouldn't let me sit and rest on the rock because my face was turning blue.
Rolling, dung-filled hills. The kind you'd like to frolic in...if it weren't for all the droppings. I felt a huge urge to sing the theme song from Heidi. Unfortunately I couldn't quite get my breath enough to sing...and sadly, I don't know the words.

I can see myself getting lost in there, and spending days walking around in circles and panicking. Still, isn't it pretty?
I've been listening to some awesome music that Andrew (bless him) introduced me to. I'm loving the Levellers, Johnny Cash and Ryan Adams. The Johnny Cash version of 'Bridge over troubled water' is lovely. I've also been playing a fair amount of David Bowie and Amy Winehouse. Amy is just 5'2", but her talent is huge. I do love colourful characters.
Enough chit-chat though, I'm off to visit with Bethan and Owen.

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