Thursday, 31 July 2008

The sights of Bath...and the heights of South Wales

The weekend found us in Bath for the last triathlon I will be attending this year. Bath is a wonderful city, full of tourists and pretty things to see. The Thorntons there make the nicest rum 'n raisin ice cream and I pigishly ate a medium instead of my usual small. Ah well, ice cream on holiday doesn't make you fat, it makes you happy. In the morning before going to Bath and while waiting for Andrew to get back from Bristol I took myself off to the field at the top of the road. I like to not look back towards the houses and just be totally 'out in the middle of nowhere' I also like to take off my shoes and feel Wales under my feet. I, however, had to promise to not go back there by is not safe :(

Bath Abbey.

Bath is 'the place to be' on a hot and sunny weekend afternoon.

On Saturday evening on the way home from Bath we went through Wentwood and climbed up Gray hill. It doesn't look like much from the road, but it was a pretty steep climb...and I was wearing totally inappropriate shoes once again. We made it to the top without incident (me plummeting to a painful death) and the view was worth it, as I was promised. Luckily, we found a more gentle and meandering path down the hill on the other side and managed to get out of the wood before the sun went down.Sunday was the triathlon at Bath University. The swim was in the pool so I got to witness it this time around.
Andrew before the swim. He came in first in his lane - orange hat, lane three...I got some great video footage of him aggressively overtaking some bloke. High Five! Dear Triathlete.

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