Saturday, 30 August 2008


I not so long ago viewed the whole bus system as scary...I now find I’m rather ok with hopping on and off buses across Milton Keynes, and until last night, I’ve not had any troubles whatsoever. They always seem on time, the drivers are always pleasant, and I like to stare out the window and watch everything and everyone going by. I also enjoy listening to peoples conversations, the sound of the engine and feel the rocking sort of motion of the bus. You could even go so far as to say that I like the time I spend on the buses every day, and its just as well as I get four of them.

Work seems to be going well. By three o’ clock yesterday all the work was finished and I got a chance to chat with Hayley for a while. She said that all the other temps they’ve had come in have been slow and have taken at least a week to grasp what I managed to do in an hour and she was very surprised that within a couple of hours I was already dealing with customers. So yay me for not been a complete dumb-ass. It’s always nice to get verification on that. I wouldn’t say I enjoy the job, but I am happy that I am working again and it’s just wonderful to be around people, office noises and be earning some Pounds (opposed to putting on some).

I got out of work ten minutes earlier and I ran up to the bus stop to see if I could get an earlier bus home. I didn’t get there fast enough and I had to wait for the usual 20:24 bus that I’ve been getting. The bus arrived, pulled up to the stop and broke down. Hmph. I sat myself back down and waited for the 20:52 bus. A Polish girl, round my age sat herself down next to me and grumbled something about the busses and we started chatting. Turns out she works in the office block next to me and is working the same hours. When the next 8 bus arrived we sat down at the back of the bus together and carried on our chat and she showed me pictures of her husband and of some castles she’d visited. She hurriedly gave me her number as she was getting off at her stop and introduced herself as Aga.

Yay, I’m not a dumb-ass and I made a new friend…and all in one day…aren’t I clevah?

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