Friday, 22 August 2008

A day and a half.

'tis the second Friday in Milton Keynes. What started off totally ugh, ended with a wonderful feeling of self achievement and overall awe with myself.

And here…a list of my positives for the day:

The glowy red numbers on the scale are steadily decreasing every time I stand on it. I must have lost almost 3kgs in a week and a half period. I think it’s the hour long walks to the city centre that I have been undertaking rather vigorously and religiously.

This morning I rode Leannes bike for 20 minutes around the red ways and didn’t fall off, veer off onto the road or ride into any prickly hedges. It was a wonderful feeling of freedom speeding along (though I probably wasn’t really going that fast). I have regained the confidence to ride a bike!
- a little birdie in a park in central Milton Keynes outside 'Christ the Cornerstone' church. Above is a lovely patch of pink and purple flowers -

I walked to the city centre and only got a little bit lost right at the end of the trip but found myself pretty quickly again. Registered with Queensway Personnel and signed all the necessary papers. - The red way from Bradville bus stop back to the Norton / Quayle home -

I got onto all the right busses the whole day, the number 8 from the point to Kingston centre…got off at the right place, walked 10 minutes and found the company. I worked for 2 hours – my first job in the UK – walked back to the bus stop, got back on to the number 8 to the point, got the number 5 to Bradville and ran back to the Norton / Quayle home along the red way! All without getting out of breath!! I ran partly because it was dark and I was all alone in what might as well be the middle of nowhere…although I didn’t feel particularly terrified. - Walking back to the bus stop at the large Tescos in Kingston after my first 'day' of work -

So, work itself is pretty dull, but it’s not forever and the times are such that I can still go for interviews while I’m working.

Milton Keynes looks different in the dark and it was strange getting busses by myself in the dark.

But right now, it is goodnight. My thoughts and sentences are all over the place and I'm barely coherent at all.


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