Saturday, 16 August 2008

One week in Milton Keynes

It's gone by quickly, quicker than I would have expected. It's been alright...I've been alright. I'm not expecting that things will be any better from here on, all I am hoping for is a steady sort of plodding along-ness where I don’t need to actually feel anything. I guess that numbness is what I should look forward to. I can deal with that.

I’ve been busying myself with daily trips to the city centre, I say city, but it is in actual fact, a town. Leanne and John came back from Paris late on Thursday night, and it was a happy sight to see their suitcases in the entrance hall when I went downstairs on Friday morning. Lea and I spent some time catching up and we watched ‘The Office’ Christmas special in the afternoon. I had managed to get through the first and second season while they were away.

I finally watched the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice and wasn’t terribly disappointed as the reviews I’ve had of it have been just terrible. I expected worse. Colin Firth will always be the real Mr Darcy, but the new bloke did a good enough job of it to be passable. Besides, I like Keira, she’s pretty and has very little in the way of boobs…and she laughs a lot.

The oak tree in the Milton Keynes shopping centre. They had some of the lovely concrete cows on display that day. Saint Peters church is what it said on the sign board. It's been there for a thousand years it said too, but it was all fenced off because vandalism had made it unsafe. A lovely ruin in the middle of some large field.
The wall along the canal back towards Blue Bridge. Very clever of them to paint a long train all along would have been very dull otherwise.
'Tis me in a dingy tunnel.

The Bradwell windmill in Milton Keynes. It's been there since 1805.

A swan on the canal.

We must have walked for 3 hours and by the time we got back to the house I was rather tired. I've been wearing my new UG boots today, it felt like I was going out in my slippers. Still, really nice feeling, very comforting and much more suitable than flip flops. I'm also losing weight and if I keep this walking business up I shall be a stick insect in no time. Well I can hope anyway.

And...tomorrow I'm attempting to teach Leanne how to ride a bicycle.

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