Sunday, 31 August 2008

A rainy Sunday in Milton Keynes

I spent a few good hours at the Milton Keynes museum today. It's been a grey and rainy sort of day today, and a walk around a museum seemed like the appropriate sort of thing to do, and so, armed with my stripey and colourful umbrella I headed off along the red way to the museum.
An old switch board I am very grateful I don't have to operate. I must remember not to complain about switchboards ever again.
The old toy display :) They had wooden rocking horses, working miniture carnivals and a possessed-looking doll due the paint on the eyes wearing off.
The inside of one of the old shops along the old Victorian street.
The recreation of a Victorian street was the best. The street contains the original shopfronts and you can walk into the stores and look around. The street has recordings of music coming from the pub, hammering, talking and general street sort of noises you would expect to hear. I was walking around grinning like a loon and more than one old person stopped me to see if I was ok, wandering around the museum by myself smiling. It was done so well that I really felt apart of the time and the place.

Just pictures I liked that hung on the walls inside the house. The one of the boy is used in a Pears soap advert. I have the fridge magnet.
The butchery on the old street.

A school room. There was a lovely notice to pupils on the wall about guarding oneself from evil, been truthful at all costs, obeying ones parents and teachers...always been grateful and mindful of how patient and kind they are to you, and how school should be attended regularly and punctually. Sigh.
I'm not sure what it is about Bisto and Oxo tins that I like so much or why I am inclined to photograph them. I think it's lovely how they positioned them so close together so as I could get them together in one shot.
In the kitchen. The fire was going and if I had wanted to, I could have made myself some toast over the flame. I wasn't particularly hungry at that point though. But the option was there.

There was a little tea room where I had a cup of tea and a chocolate, served by a chatty elderly lady in a lacy hat and apron. I'd have really liked the potato and leek soup with a crusty scone, but I didn't have the required £3. The lacy hat lady spoke to me while I drank my tea and filled in a survey. She'd started travelling in the last 13 years and has been all over the bottom of South America, Peru, China, Morrocco and um, a whole lot of other places too. I liked her hat.

It's been a restful weekend. Highlights include todays visit to the museum (obviously) and an outing to The Cricketers with Mrs Norton and Karl for a nice pint of beer.

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