Tuesday, 16 September 2008

All things nice.

I've been attempting to make the most of my days, and using the time I have in Milton Keynes to explore. Yesterday, I went shopping for birthday and congratulations cards in the city (and explored another two flavours of Krispy Kremes), and this morning I went looking for Bradwell Abbey.

I walked past the Roman ruins at Bancroft, through Bancroft park and the famous concrete cows in the field and found Bradwell Abbey easily enough. There wasn't much to see, and I didn't have much time, but I'm glad I went anyway...and of course, I took photos along the way.

Yesterday was such a good day. Everyone was so friendly and pleasant. I chatted to a lady on the bus, the Krispy Kreme man gave me an extra doughnut for free, 'to make me happy' (and who am I to turn down his gesture of kindness?) and called me beautiful, every phone call went really well and no one had anything bad to say at all, the boss pulled me into the board room and chatted to me for ages (and felt the need to tell me of his fondness of goth music) and then I got to go home early because the systems crashed. I was smiling both inwardly and on the outside the whole day. I even put aside my internal fighting for some of the day...I'm hoping that one day, the fighting will stop all together. But for now, that seems like still a long way away.

Rather self explanatory. Leanne says it's rather sweet how I've come to England only to fall in love with American doughnuts. I think Krispy Kremes should be all over the world, why put a limit to the amount of stores and locations?
Been a cow-girl early in the morning.
They're not very realistic at all, but they do add something to a bare field if there are no real cows to be had about.
Yes I know, it's silly.

The farmhouse at Bradwell Abbey.
A more distant shot of the farmhouse and the chapel at Bradwell Abbey.
This be the chapel...St Marys I think, probably, they all are. It's 14th century.
A pretty horse. A real horse, and not just one made out of concrete.

I'd left the house soon after nine o' clock, walked for two hours, got to work by twelve and got home by nine o' clock again, slightly earlier than usual. By the time I got to work, however, I felt as though I'd already put in a full day. And so, I'm going to get to bed.

So long, farewell auf wiedersehen, goodnight.

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