Saturday, 27 September 2008

Last days and nights in Milton Keynes

My time in Milton Keynes is at an end. The 7 weeks that I've stayed here have been rather contrasted with regards to my emotions. I arrived in utter despair, sad, weak, miserable and hopeless; and I'm leaving strong, excited, renewed and positive, and I would never have believed it a few weeks ago. The decisions that I've made in this time have been the right ones and whatever I've done has been the best things for me. I can move on now, confident and without looking back or wishing for things that could and never would be. For once, I feel empowered. Waiting for the bus on Bradwell Road, Bradville. So different from when I first came back to Milton Keynes...with a hastily packed bag, desperate, crying and with a mission to head to the train station, to get either back to Wales or the airport to go home! Too much drama.
The Barn in the city centre where I had supper with Aga.
I'm so glad to have made a friend in Milton Keynes, what a great person.
Leanne and John and I went for supper at the Old Green Man in Little Brickhill.
I couldn't have asked for more support, good company or anything else for that matter. I've over stayed my welcome and Lea and John get their house back to themselves again! The best folk :)
Cheers. A lesson in holding the glass properly, by the stem and not wrapping my hands around it. I'm a laydeee.

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