Tuesday, 2 September 2008

More crappy paperwork

I’m flippen cold. Two days into ‘autumn’ and it feels like sub-zero temperatures. Tomorrow I will be prepared…with my coat, a woolly jumper, scarf, gloves and hat…and polar-fleece underwear (where can I get hold of polar-fleece underwear?)

More positively though, things went well today. I didn’t have to fight with the bank, local or international, I managed to figure out how I’ll get to Bedford on Thursday morning…then rang Stagecoach just to confirm my brilliance (and check fares), and my trip to Germany is provisionally booked. All I am waiting for now is the Schengen Visa people to get back to me so that I don’t get turned away from Germany…sleeping bag and towel in hand…

I’m pretty pleased I have a plan now, I’m pretty bad to sticking to plans and so I’m not going to outline it at all now…except to say that I am off to Munich for 4 nights and 5 days at the end of September…Oktoberfest…Real German beer, German food, German people and German architecture, also a German concentration camp which they throw in as part of the tour. Thanks to Mrs Devilliers, the best history teacher, my fascination with Germany and the Second World War is still as fresh as ever.

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