Sunday, 7 September 2008

Olney, sensible shoes and a well fitting beanie.

This weekend John, Leanne and I took a drive to Olney. According to the most reliable source, Wikipedia, Olney is a small market town and civil parish in the Borough of Milton Keynes, England. It has historical associations with the poet William Cowper and the ex-slave trader John Newton and together they wrote the ‘Olney Hymns’ including Amazing Grace. They have a museum in their honour, which we didn’t go in to.
I found myself a pair of sensible boots. They're warm, have a good sole, are super comfortable, look nice and are waterproof! All for a very reasonable £24.95. No more soggy boots, socks and feet.

A pretty church in Olney :)

Leanne has a masquerade ball in December so she was trying out masks. The shop is called Darwins and has a whole lot of gifts, cards and little novelty things. Also some small fossils and more notes along the lines of "millions of years ago..." Phffft.
A small chocolate shop...
Pretty Olney.
It was a rather successful shopping weekend which makes up for my lack of it (success) on Friday mornings shopping trip. Leanne and I went to the Centre MK and found me a warm lined jacket, a fabulous pair of skinny jeans and a dark blue beanie from H&M for £47.00. I'm pretty much all kitted out for winter, and if I'm still cold, there's not much that can be done about it.
My beanie is actually fits and doesn't feel like it will blow off with the first sign of a breeze...and it wasn't even from the kiddies department. But the pretty purple Betty Boop t-shirt was which I sadly had to put back because I couldn't justify buying another t-shirt :(
Sigh...there will be other Betty Boop apparel...

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