Sunday, 21 September 2008

A punt on the river Cam

I was up at some unearthly hour this morning, washed, dressed and at the bus stop by half past seven...only to find that the buses run once an hour on a Sunday. So I got myself comfy on the cold and hard bench and waited the hour for the bus to arrive. And then again for another half an hour at the train station for the X5. I finally arrived in Cambridge by around half eleven and spent the next six hours exploring.The view towards Magdalene Bridge, originally known as Cam Bridge, after which the town was named. It seems that it is a prerequisite for punters to be beautiful, I cannot think of one unattractive punter. punt.

Scudamore's Punting Company. A perfect way to see Cambridge, from the River Cam.
'The Backs'. The backs of all the colleges along the River Cam. Kings College.

Clare Bridge, which is the oldest surviving bridge on the Cam. It was constructed in the mid 17th Century.
Mathematical bridge by Queens College.
The only one I have of me in Cambridge.

The Bridge of Sighs. Oxford has a bridge of sighs too, as does Venice. I prefer this one to the one at Oxford, I still cannot comment on the one at Venice. More a picture of our 'chauffeur'...isn't he pretty? Bless, he can't be older than 18.

The entrance to the Fitzwilliam Museum. I must confess that I spent more time in the gift shop and cafe than I did in the actual galleries. After my punting tour I was feeling very light-hearted and well...frivolous really. I had a lovely tomato-y lunch washed down with a Cambridge Bitter - because it seemed appropriate. It comes highly recommended.
Marcus Aurelius' bust at the Fitzwilliam museum. I sneakily took this picture after been told photography wasn't allowed. Aren't I a rebel?
Cambridge also has a Jesus College and a Jesus open park land for informal sports.

Cycling seems popular in Cambridge, as it is in Oxford. I find it a little unnerving having a bicycle riding up behind me and hooting. I'm really quite concerned that one day I'll be listening to my music so loudly that I wont hear the approaching bicycle and a nasty accident will ensue.
It's true too. Nowadays, nobody says anything if you wear black and brown together. Gold and silver rings can be worn on neighbouring fingers of the same hand and no one will even raise an eyebrow.
Kings College.

It was a wonderful day in Cambridge and I think that I'm awfully clever and brave for doing it alone. Not that it's particularly difficult, of course, but still, I'm pleased with me. Next...London!

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