Friday, 5 September 2008


Friday evening finally arrived, and with it came getting paid and a whole lot of rain. Actually, the rain started the fifteen minute period it takes me to walk from the bus stop to work. Even with my umbrella, I got soaked and my Ugs were wet all the way through. I got to work cold, windswept and soggy and I kept taking my boots to the bathroom to try and dry them under the hand dryer.

When I woke up this morning, it was raining. As it was when I walked to the bus stop, went to the city centre, shopped unsuccessfully, got on another bus and walked to work. It rained all day. It rained while I walking back to the bus stop, it rained while I missed my stop, and it rained while I waited for the next bus...and all the way on the walk back to the house. I don't know if I will ever by dry again.

It rained yesterday morning too in Bedford. I found myself on a very comfy Stagecoach to Bedford yesterday. Much much nicer than the buses I usually go on. This one had curtains and comfy seats. With the help of a friendly local girl, I was directed to the Job Centre and I had my interview for my National Insurance number. It all went very well and was over sooner than I thought it would be which gave me a little bit of time to kill in the town centre. I found the musuem, but it only opens at eleven o' clock and I had to get to work so I couldn't wait for it. But still, at least I've been now and know that it can be done quite easily.
Harpur square - they had a market with food and hot drinks, sweets and um, stuff.
Statues in Bedford.
School children statues I liked.
This 'historic church' had a pretty garden.

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