Friday, 12 September 2008

Some shrubbery

This hasn't been an awesome week. This isn't going to be a bitch blog, but I do need to state that this week has not been at all remarkable. I've been horribly hormonal and sporadically verging on tears (touching adverts choke me up), not only that, but I've been having meaningless and senseless fights going on in my head, basically just rehashing old ones. Delightful.

Thankfully though, the week is over, I have a few more Pounds, I have a nice weekend ahead of me and I did have a pleasant morning.

I took a walk to Wolverton along the canal this morning. It was lovely and cool, but mostly, dry. I found this pretty swan who didn't mind me taking pictures of him and I took full advantage of that :) He was helping himself to some tasty treat along the bank of the canal. I didn't feel bad at all disturbing his breakfast.
I do like a dark, depressing and creeper covered brick wall with a tunnel at the end.

The Secret Garden in Wolverton. Lots of shrubbery to be had here and some stone statue of a couple watching telly. I don't think it's all that much of a secret though to be fair.

Lots of green. 'tis pretty the Secret Garden.

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