Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sunshine again - Willen & Stony Stratford.

The weekend is over, and quickly again. It was two days of perfect weather, sunshine, slight breeze, no rain and hardly any clouds. It was taken advantage of. After Leanne and I watched 'The Women' at the Odeon at the point, I met Aga at the centre and we got on a bus headed for Willen Lake. It was a nice afternoon of walking and chatting. We later had supper at the Premier Inn restaurant and bar. Nice two for one veggie lasagne and a Stella. The sun setting over Willen Lake. There were loads of swans on the lake, and some water-skiing people too.Aga, my Polish friend I met at the bus stop at Kingston a couple of weeks back when our bus broke down. A small stone circle the people of Milton Keynes made. Something about peace.

A peace pagoda. The first one to be built in the western hemisphere apparently. I like the lion statues in front.
My fake ugs are actually not as comfortable as I once thought them to be, walking all the way around Willen Lake brought that fact home to me, in rather a harsh way.

The Buddhist temple at Willen. It had a pretty garden, but we couldn't quite figure out how to get inside, so we peeped through the window. We then walked back towards the restaurant. After we'd eaten, we got a taxi to take Aga back home and to drop me off at the Barge Inn where Leanne, John, Rachel and Chris were having a celebratory drink for Leanne getting her 'solicitor-ship' on Monday. What a clever girl :)

Lea, John and I went to Stony Stratford this afternoon for a nose about. We parked at the car park by the River Ouse and walked along the river and green fields towards the high street.
Where we had a drink - The Cock Hotel. This is what Wikipedia says about it:

The common phrase a cock and bull story is said to have originated here. Two pubs in the centre of town, The Cock and The Bull were originally coaching inns on the main London to Chester and North Wales turnpike. Travellers gossip and rumour that was exchanged between the two, was renowned for being far-fetched and fanciful. Today, there is an annual story telling festival to celebrate these Cock and Bull stories.
A picture of how it looked back in the day. Pretty much the same today...only now in colour.

My tour guides, John and Lea.

The high street at Stony Stratford.

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