Monday, 29 September 2008

A wheelchair would come in handy

I am in London. London is a large city if you have irrational fears of the underground as I do. Okay, I'm not so afraid of the underground, it's more a dislike for it that I have. The crowds of people all knowing exactly where they are going, the trains that come swooshing by when you aren't expecting them too and making you get the idea.

My. Feet. Hurt.

Tomorrow, I'm making use of the public transport.

I arrived yesterday at around three. Checked in to the Generator Hostel and took a look at my room. I was pleasantly surprised, after the horror reviews I was reading the day before, I was really starting to get a bit tense. The room is large and clean, as are the showers, bar, reception and even, oddly enough, the people. I took myself off on a walk and ended up at Westminster, Parliament and Trafalgar Square where an Indian man from Durban offered to take a photo of me. He then insisted on taking me for a quick tour to Covent Garden and buying me a pint at The Harp. Very nice friendly chatty man. I then realized that I was miles from the hostel and didn't really have much in the way of a clue on how to get back. Instead of the more obvious approach - take the underground - I started to walk and was rescued by a nice Columbian bloke on a bicycle around half an hour later who took me back to Bloomsbury :)

I'll have to add photos when I get back to MK as I can't seem to do it here. Sigh.

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