Saturday, 25 October 2008

Lazy day

After work last night, Elizabeth and I stayed up past one o' clock chatting in her room. She's really cool and I like her a lot and I went to bed really happy. It was great, because yesterday was a slightly ugh-y day. Paul, the chef was irritable and arsey with me, I was crazy busy and I just started feeling like I wasn't having fun anymore. (I blame my paranoia and other socially unacceptable behavior I tend to display on occasion.) So this morning I got out of bed just before one o' clock, went through to the pantry in my pjs and got myself some tea, two profiteroles and some cereal for breakfast and went back to my room, only to emerge and hour or so later for my customary walk in the moors. I lasted all of ten minutes...the wind was icy and my ears started to burn immediately, so I turned back to the hotel, more tea and my heater. What a great day of lounging around with numerous cups of tea and absolutely no responsibility for the whole day.

Around 2 miles from the Grange is this stone cross. Crosses like these are scattered all over the moors. Another 2 miles or so from here is Rosedale Abbey. There is actually no abbey at Rosedale Abbey as I discovered a few days ago when I ambitiously decided to walk there. I did find some very pretty scenery along the way though, some old limestone kilns, a pretty rainbow (after I got rained on) and a pretty young boy all in black with a backpack.

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