Friday, 3 October 2008

LONDON - A week

I have returned from five days of solid walking, sight-seeing (a lot of bars) and late nights. I’m exhausted and am starting to resemble Amy Winehouse…dark smudged eyes, bad hair and a really good chance I’ll either fall down without notice, or throw up on something. Slight exaggeration, but you get the picture anyway.

I managed to walk from Bloomsbury to Westminster on my first day, and I reckon that probably helped contribute to the pain I suffered for the rest of the days! I made friends straight away, which is freakish, but wonderful. On redeeming my free drink at the hostel bar on arrival, I met an American bloke who was very friendly and we drank beer and tequila and Jack Daniels together.
Bloomsbury - the dodgy end. To quote the guide book "In it's northern fringes, the character of the area changes dramatically, becoming steadily more seedy...where cheap B&Bs and run-down council estates provide fertile territory for prostitutes and drug dealers..." It wasn't that bad though, really.

My room was large and clean and comfy, I encountered no bed bugs, grime or filth of any kind and I was very surprised, given I paid so little!

Waiting in a line for pancakes near parliament. I waited for ages, but in the end it was worth it, an enormous hot pancake filled with banana and maple syrup.Tourist taking a picture of a tourist.
The friendly man bought me a pint at The Harp and we chatted a while. This looks a bit dodgy, but I think that we were in fact, dancing. This is Blake, the American guy I met on the first night at the bar. I love those jeans.
I love Camden and it's seedy air. I spent a whole day just wandering around the markets and I didn't buy anything, besides a few pins for my bag :)
Camden high street. So many shops. And people.

The beginning of our tour...and so began 6 hours of viewing pleasure...all on foot, through rain and wind and cold.
Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard. Not overly impressive, but had to be seen.
Running away.
Walking around the large sun dial learning the history of London. We took it upon ourselves to be our own tour guides.I found Anthony on the tour. Together we walked a lot and drank a lot.
Pretty Saint Pauls.
This poor Mexican bloke, George...he joined our table, bought us drinks and then passed out after one pint and a shot of Jagermeister. He was giving Renee the ick. Eventually security had to come and remove him.
So we had a few jokes at his expense. Renee, George and Anthony. I met Renee on the second night I think. She's awesome, and we're basically the same person, she's just a tall version of me. Haha.
Pub crawl! Joan who shared a room with me, Pip, Renee, me and Anthony. We visted five bars and stayed at the last venue until 2 o' clock when they kicked us out and closed.
Renee and I were so excited at Belushi's...with all the band posters, excellent music and less polished people :)

The bar at the Generator Hostel.
Last night at the Generator. It seemed appropriate to take photos with random strangers. What fun.
It was good, all of it was. I have a day to rest and pack and on Sunday I'm off again.

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