Monday, 13 October 2008

A waitress and housekeeper

So far, still so good. It has quietened down substantially over the last few days and last night we had only two bedrooms occupied. We've been busying ourselves with cleaning random things around the hotel, just to keep ourselves entertained. I got my first pay slip this morning and I'm pretty happy with what I got for what I am doing.

Kerstin and me in the pantry after our supper shift. Kerstin's in England to learn how to speak English, she's German. Such a sweet pretty girl :) All of the girls are nice. Lara is Spanish, she seems so patient and steady. Christina is wild and emotional and looks like she wants to start crying a lot of the time. Elizabeth is more quiet and I really like her.
Me in my room getting ready for breakfast shift. All I need is a feather duster and I'll be a French maid. Almost. I'd never have thought that I'd be wearing skirts and stockings every day. I actually rather like it. Freakish.

I'm loving been out in the middle of nowhere. I have Saturdays off and I walked for three hours over the moors. I found a small clearing near the top of a hill, where I laid down my extra top on the grass and lay down and closed my eyes and nodded off for a while. That probably explains why on Sunday morning I woke up with no voice, but at some point in the day, it came back to me. I managed to get over a little river without falling in, climbed up some hills, chatted with locals I encountered along the way...The Yorkshire folk are super friendly and welcoming! I even met the neighborhood watch lady who pulled me aside and told me all the local gossip, which nasty old man to watch out for and the scandalous going ons at the house down the road which has just been sold. Aah, small town life :)

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